Monday, June 1, 2009

Who is Chef Tell?

One summer when I was a little kid, my aunt was making grilled cheese for my siblings and I. Instructing her on how to make sandwiches earned me the nickname that would follow me from elementary school to college and beyond. Now a bit of warning. Since "Chef" is a family given name, things written in this blog are only my opinion and are based on personal experience and no sort of formal training. To show I'm only human, I will tell you not everything I make turns out exactly like I intend. One time in college, I decided to combine canned french onion soup and boneless chicken breasts. The result: AWFUL! I mean I barely made it past the first plate, and there was no way I would be having a second. Thankfully, I have had very few god awful meals come out of the kitchen. Well, I think that's enough about me.

Welcome to the Kitchen...

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  1. My comment is that you are using the name of a personage, whom you are not. As a relative of the real Chef Tell, who is deceased, I would ask you to connect with me and reveal who you really are; perhaps you would like to change the name of your blog, too.