Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shhh...Let Me Tell You a Secret

I'm going to tell you the secret to most of my successful meals. Many of my friends marvel at the results but feel intimated by the task of cooking. Truthfully, I am no different especially when cooking something totally new to me. How do I manage to come up with exceptional food? It's almost cliche but the secret to good food is love. How do you love something you've never done before? For me, the answer is music. Cooking being an artistic endeavor means that anything that stimulates the right side of your brain will aid in your attempt to craft a delicious meal. What kind of music works? Well, for me, any music I can dance to will result in good food. Though lately, my favorite thing to play while cooking is Coldplay especially anything off their recent live album. After attend a concert, I have fallen in love with their song Fix You. While the lyrics talk about light igniting your bones, I think for food it will ignite you soul.

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