Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ahhh Summer or Close Enough

Smell that air. With the passing of Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer has arrived. Everyone is in a rush to ready their grills, be they propane or charcoal. The superiority of charcoal or propane is an argument that will outlast even the US-Soviet Cold War. Personally, I believe there are merits to both grilling methods. I like the flavor of charcoal for red meat: steaks, burgers, lamb. Propane grills have the advantage of more fuel for longer continuous grilling sessions. Your more advanced propane grills will come outfitted with infrared rotisserie burner (one day I must tell you about the Thanksgiving turkey I tried on the rotisserie), smoker burners, and side burners for sauces. I like propane for vegetables, fish and chicken

Let me introduce you to my grills

First my baby, oddly it's actually the oldest, is an 18.5in Weber One-Touch Silver charcoal kettle. I use a chimney starter for getting the coals ready. Safety tip: keep some water handy when emptying the coals from the starter. Hot coals on the deck are no joke. A fire extinguisher is even better.

The youngest grill in the family is a Weber 4 -burner Summit propane grill outfitted to the gills with smoker, rotisserie, and side burners. It's a little envious of the newer models out there so this is the only picture it'd let me take.
Where ever your grilling takes you this summer, have fun and save a burger for me.

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